Belgium – Beer land par Excellance

Belgium is traditionally known for its great diversity of beers compared to other countries. The roots of Belgian beer brewing go back to the Middle Ages. The richness of Belgian beers is internationally acclaimed by renowned beer experts such as Briton Michael Jackson.

That Belgium enjoys worldwide recognition as a beer country, we owe an infinite number of factors. Our rich brewing tradition, the unique fermentation methods, the craft skills of our brewers, the fact that their creativity was never slowed down by the German Reinheitsgebot, the presence of the right natural raw materials, the strategic location of our country, the breakthrough of the internet and the enormous passion with which brewers respond to the strongly increased consumer appetite for all that radiates authenticity: all these elements help to explain one by one that the Belgian beer is one of the pillars that help keep the image of our country abroad high .

Belgian beer is often mentioned in the same breath as Belgian chocolate, chicory and French fries as the products that show what Belgium stands for. Beer is even such a strong aspect of the ‘Belgium’ brand that politicians like to pour beer at receptions for foreign guests. In the remainder of this chapter, we would like to take a moment to look at the divergent and sometimes surprising reasons that make our small kingdom on the North Sea the beer country par excellence.