Dear guests & friends,

Since 2003 we have served many guests from Czechia & around the world our delicious Belgian-french cuisine at our restaurant in Tuchomerice! We delivered catering and special prepared meals to VIP clients at Terminal 3 at the Prague Airport. We are cooking traditional with love and care for you, our dearest customers.

From March 24, 2020 we start with delivering to You, at your office or home,  our crispy baguettes filled with unique home made quality fillings. Apart from that we offer you also our traditional homemade soups and salads. All made by Chef Ludo & his team! Soon will follow a selection of desserts and drinks selected for you!


Restaurant & Hotel & Conference facility
U Spejcharu 355, 25267 Tuchomerice.

How you can order?

Minimum order we accept for delivery to your address is 250,-Kc included DPH, we do charge 50,-Kc for the transport. Email:

We only accept orders by internet or email, you can call to us for more information between 8-10.00am or between 13.00 and 15.00pm. We do speak, CZ, ENG, NL, DE, RUS & DE.

For more information on ordering or orders: call to 602 257 191 (Chef Ludo CZ, ENG, DE, NL) or to Pieter 735 740 057 (CZ, DE, ENG, RUS) Logistics/deliveries.

Place your order online and we will deliver your order direct to You, your office or home.

You like to collect your order by your self, No problem. We will prepare your order for collection by you at our address Spejcharu 355, 25267 Tuchomerice. Place orders two hours in advance.

The locations were we deliver now: Tuchomerice, Predni Kopanina, Knezeves, Ruzyne, Vaclav Havel International Airport, Europska, Statenice, Nebusice. Soon we will enlarge the delivery locations. Thank you for your understanding!

We deliver from 9.00am till 18.00pm.

You can place your order at any time, but we do advise you to order when possible one day in advance.

We need your order two hours in advance before the required time of delivery!

We are preparing your order one hour before delivery in order to deliver fresh and delicious products.

Payment options:

• Cash by delivery to our courier or by self pick up. (please pay with appropriate money, we can’t exchange always on big bank notes, thank you for your understanding!)
• Payment trough our card terminal from our courier when you have internet available.
• Every client gets an EET bill from our courier by delivery or self pick up.

Companies can pay by bank transfer 48 hours at latest after delivery.

Thank you for choosing Auberge de Provence

Prices per piece in CZK

Baguettes: French baguette, 26cm

Cheese: butter, gree lettuce, eggs, Gouda cheese, cucumber, tomato 99-
Cheese & Ham: butter, green lettuce, Gouda cheese, ham, cucumber, tomato 99-
Brie: butter, green lettuce, eggs, Brie, cucumber, tomato 110-
Salami: butter, green lettuce, Salami, cucumber, tomato 99-
Chicken spread: butter, green lettuce, chicken slices, egg, tomatoes & mayonaise 110-
Chicken curry spread: butter, green lettuce, chicken curry, egg, tomatoes 110-
Egg salad: butter, green lettuce & egg salad with mayonaise, tomatoes 99-
Potato salad: butter, green lettuce & potato salad with mayonaise 99-
Goat cheese salad: butter, green lettuce, goat cheese, tomatoes 110-
Vegan: green lettuce, caprese, tomato, rucola, balsamico 110-


Caesar: salad mix lettuce, tomatoes, croutons, chicken slices, bacon, parmesan, cucumber, onions & dressing separate 235-
Smoked salmon salad: mix lettuce, tomatoes, croutons, smoked salmon, cucumber, onions & dressing separate 245-
Tuna: mix lettuce, eggs, tomatoes, tuna slices, , cucumber, onions, dressing separate 235-
Provencal salad: mix lettuce, parika, onions, olives, cucumber, tomatoes, croutons, green beans 235-
Caprese: mix lettuce, caprese slices, tomatoes, cucumber, green beans, separate dressing balsamico 235-


Tomato soup: tomatoes 90%, onions, leek, selder, parsley, thymian, rozemaryn, all mixed 100-
Tomato soup with meatballs: tomatoes 90%, onions, leek, selder, parsley, thymian, rozemaryn, all mixed with minced meat balls 115-
Garlic soup: garlic, chicken bouillion, water, milk, parsley, mixed 115-
French Onion Soup: onions, bouillion, red wine, milk & flour, croutons, cheese 120-


Boeuf Bourguigon (French Gulash): beef 100%, butter, onions, red wine, boullion, milk, flour, tomoatoes, bacon, thymian, rozemaryn, orgegano 245-
Belgian fries & Mayonaise: 75-